Jean Lesplingart

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Sheryl and her previous husband used to go to Hedonism II in Jamaica on a regular basis, but she stuck to having sex with the other tourists rather than sampling the locals. Because of the Hedonism clubs, we’ve been familiar with interracial sex tourism in Jamaica for a while, but we are a little skeptical of the stories about Kenya.

Considering the HIV rate in Africa, it’s hard for us to believe that British women would pick an African country as their preferred destination for sex tourism. Furthermore, we don’t know of any Hedonism-like clubs in Kenya that would facilitate such tourism. Outside of a nameless bar on Bamburi Beach in Mombasa, no place is mentioned by name in the original story by Reuters, although the all-inclusive Bamburi Beach Hotel is a possible candidate for this sort of thing to happen.

Part of us suspects this story might be the creation of Kenya Tourist Board. If not, we’d like to hear from more women that have courted young men in Kenya.